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Name:Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett is a detective with the New York Police Department - specifically, the 12th Precinct Homicide Division. She's first-rate at her job and has a penchant for being attracted to the "freaky cases", or the ones that aren't so easily solvable - at the same time, however, her mother's unsolved case has inspired her to build ones that would never fall apart under scrutiny in court.

She joined the police force after her mother was murdered, an event which drastically rattled her and eventually contributed to her leaving a rather full education opportunity for something a little more dangerous. As a result, she empathizes with the victims and tends to reveal her softer side at times, but for the most part? She's a gun-toting tight-ass who usually focuses right on the murders themselves than on the killer's motivations or inner workings - the stuff that Rick Castle lives for in his writing.

As for her relationship with Castle, she engages in a very healthy verbal sparring with him whenever they go anywhere together - which has been a lot more recently, due to the fact that he's using her as a source of inspiration for the sequels to the first book he based on her, Heat Wave. The two make a great team, and even though Beckett would be first to deny it, a part of her carries an attraction for Castle. It's too early to tell whether or not that will be acted on, but the way in which she turns his innuendoes back on him suggests that there is a level of chemistry between the two. Recently, their relationship hit a rough patch after Castle re-opened her mother's unsolved murder case - when Beckett had specifically asked him not to. Eventually, she forgave him after he delivered a heartfelt apology. A few months later, however, it was revealed that her mother was the victim of an ordered hit; while the hitman responsible was subdued and later shot by Beckett herself, it has opened up the doors to what could be a bigger conspiracy surrounding her mother's murder.

In terms of meeting new people, Beckett is approachable but a little awkward in terms of pursuing anything involving romance. She's been out of the dating game for a pretty long time - since she ended her relationship with FBI agent Will Sorenson, and since she's actually nearly married to her job, men have taken an obvious backseat. (Besides, the only man in her life right now is Castle - though she'd kill anyone who says that.)
The character of Kate Beckett belongs to Andrew W. Marlowe and Castle. Stana Katic belongs to herself. This journal is exclusively for roleplaying, and no profit is being made. Both mun and character are over 18.
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